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Community Food

Box Project

Our Box Started April 14, 2020

Jael LLC sponsors a food box with the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper and the Indianapolis Chapter of IBE

To get involved or start your own box please go to Community Food Box

Providing community members in or near food deserts (as identified by the USDA) with free donated food and education about food deserts and local resources

Purpose: The Purpose of the Community Food Box Project is to temporarily provide immediate relief to a larger issue within urban communities: food deserts. Community food boxes will provide those in need with free food until the city and other stakeholders invest in the urgent needs of people living with food insecurity.

About: The Community Food Box Project is a small project started by Sierra Nuckols as a result of her involvement with the Desmond Tutu Center Youth Fellows program. Community Food Boxes provide emergency food access to neighborhoods in food desert areas using upcycled newspaper distribution boxes.

How and What to Donate:

If you would like a Community Food Box at your organization, message us on Facebook to get started.

If you are an individual who wants to donate, Follow the donation guidelines below and donate to the Community Food Box when desired.

Items to donate:

non-perishable food items

canned food

hygiene products


ready-to-eat food items

ramen noodles

school supplies (unsharpened pencils, crayons, notebooks etc.)

Do not donate these items:

sharp objects

perishable food items


previously worn clothing



Indy Community Pantry

To get involved please go to Indy Community Pantry
Jael LLC has donated two refrigerators to be stocked with free food for those in need.

Indy Community Pantry is a non-profit organization in which stocked refrigerators and dried good pantries are strategically placed in food deserts for those in need. You don’t have to be homeless to use them. It is completely free and open to all! It’s also free and easy to help stock the fridge and pantries. All items must be sealed and please no homemade meals, raw meat, or seafood. We also take baby food, cleaning products, sanitary items, household items, and masks.

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